Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Careers in the City - Dallas

Career Services recently traveled with 30 students to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to explore career opportunities and meet with Texas State alumni.  This was the second time Career Services and Bobcats embarked on a two day adventure to a city full of possibilities.  The trip included a visit to Parallon, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, FortWorth Chamber of Commerce, and an alumni networking mixer.  Keep reading to hear more about this wonderful opportunity told by two of the Bobcats that attended the trip, Cynthia Jacobo and Ryan Court.


Cynthia Jacobo 

As a freshman at Texas State University and an international student from Monterrey, everything was new to me; the culture, living in an apartment, walking to school, speaking another language and going to different dining halls to eat American food. Not seeing my family was hard, but making new friends was even harder.  On top of all this adjusting, I had to decide on a major that would assist me with my future career, and this was a huge deal for me.  I didn’t know where to start and then I heard about an opportunity offered by Career Services called Careers in the City - Dallas. The trip was only $20 and included visiting Parallon, Dallas International Airport and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.  Not to mention there was an opportunity to network with Texas State alumni at an alumni panel/mixer.  It is an experience I am truly grateful to have been a part of. 

Ryan Court 

At the beginning of the semester I had planned to start preparing for my career. When Eden Bunch, Career Advisor at Texas State University, e-mailed me about an opportunity to go on a Career Services trip to Dallas, and I jumped at the opportunity. It was a way for me to start my professional network and to gain experience attending an alumni mixer. It was also a way for me to get a foot in the door with several companies in Dallas and to enhance my professional skills.



Provided by Cynthia Jacobo
There were three white vans waiting for us at the start of our trip, before we loaded up into the vans we took a picture, then we started our journey to our first destination, Parallon. We got there around 3:30 p.m. and were nicely greeted by the lovely people that were waiting for us. We listened to a presentation by the CFO of Parallon who enthusiastically explained to us the different opportunities Parallon offers, such as internships and job opportunities in different areas. The CFO also provided us with a background on what Parallon is and how it helps families in America and around the world. Next, there was a speaker from a Texas State University alum who had an internship right after graduation and has been working with Parallon ever since. It was uplifting to hear such a wonderful success story from a Texas State alum.

Alumni Mixer

Cynthia Jacobo 

After checking in to our hotel, we attended the Dallas alumni mixer at The Ranch at Las Colinas. It was a really nice restaurant and we had reserved a room. Following a brief alumni panel, we enjoyed dinner.  The alumni sat down next to us during dinner and shared their testimonies and advice. I met someone that was a marketing major that had landed an internship at Google, which is something I have always wanted to do.  He said to me that everything was possible while he shared his advice, and it was then that I understood that it was all about building connections.  I made sure to connect with this individual on LinkedIn following the networking event so we could stay in touch.

Ryan Court 

While we ate dinner, the nearly 20 members of the Dallas Texas State Alumni Chapter went around the room and introduced themselves to us. Several members spoke to us about their careers while reminiscing about attending Texas State University. I thought it was excellent because I had been curious about financial services careers, and many of the alumni members were financial services professionals. I got the chance to meet the Vice President of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., two certified financial planners, and several financial analysts. I also met a marketing analytics manager, an associate at a real estate company, an individual who does analytics at a sports company, an independent insurance agent, and a professional who works with deaf children.  


DFW International Airport 

Provided by Cynthia Jacobo

We visited the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning. Upon entering the building, we got the chance to see the air traffic control room. We listened to a presentation by a former aviation military professional who had gotten his start working at DFW International Airport managing warehouses. After this, Robert Montalbo Jr., Texas State alum and Customer Service Supervisor of the Ambassador Program at DFW International Airport, told us all about his experience working for DFW International Airport, which he described as being its own miniature city. This was such a wonderful experience because Robert was so passionate about both being a Bobcat and the work he was performing.

Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 

Provided by Cynthia Jacobo

Following this wonderful site visit and lunch at DFW International Airport, we visited the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. We listened to a stimulating presentation by a doctor, Executive Director of Human Resources at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., an account executive and public relations specialist, and the director of operations at a computer company. One question that was asked was "What can I do as a freshman in college that will help me get a job at your company?" The reply was very simple, get involved with your university as much as you can, participate in events like this trip and more opportunities to not only build up your resume, but help you build connections and one day you will be that person for someone else. 

Career Services hosts all types of events for students to make connections and learn about different career opportunities.  Stay informed about our events through the website (CareerServices.txstate.edu).